Aug 022009

Here is a group photo. From left to right we have Nanci Fulmek, who is a fifth year graduate student of the Atelier, Lynn Maderich, our instructor, Yorke McGillivray, only 15 years old from Arizona, Fred Senn, who did an art degree in college, but has spent most of his life in advertizing, Julie Rauchwarter, a full-time Atelier student with one year under her belt, Jo Simmons, who is in charge of the horse program at Salem Ranch and myself.

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  2 Responses to “Equine Painting Workshop Day Five”

  1. Wow! that photo turned out great! You can not tell how hot it was in there that day. haha

    Best of Luck!

    Nanci Fulmek

  2. Very nice photo of the whole group! I'm so glad I attended the workshop, and I loved being able to meet everyone.

    I didn't notice the heat too much, probably because I'm used to about 100 degrees during the summer. *us crazy Arizonans* So Minnesota seemed almost chilly at times to me. haha

    I hope all is well and I wish you good luck with your art. It looks fabulous! I love the storylines behind each finished piece, very innovative.

    Best of wishes!
    Yorke McGillivray

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