Jun 132008

Despite the market wisdom that one shouldn’t blog a painting on a Friday, and because this was the week that my daughter went to France and didn’t have a thing to wear (meaning that I had to spend two days shopping and doing laundry), I am blogging on Friday.

I couldn’t come up with a solitary line of poetry out of my overtaxed brain to describe this “unlikeliest hunting dog”, my Pug, Velvet, with pheasants. The humor is all in the picture and in Velvet’s overt response to the “take”. It was my husband, Matt’s, joke. He took the picture and surprised me with it. I think it makes a wonderful, counter-Field and Stream-culture painting.

The Unlikeliest Hunting Dog, 5×7 on canvas board, Private Collection

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  1. Friday, Schmiday! Everyone loves a pug, and never feel pressured to add great poetry…sometimes just a few lines is perfect!

  2. Thanks Mia! If you come up with any good pug poetry let me know. I can use all you’ve got. Original poetry also welcomed!

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