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High Pasture

This is also probably the final incarnation of this painting (originally blogged on August 27), which I’ve called High Pasture. I worked on the shadows a bit more, as well as my daughter’s face, the grass, and the rock outcropping behind.

High Pasture, Oil on Canvas, 16×20

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Geneia and Pelee, Black and White Study

This was so enjoyable to do, like drawing, only faster. In the photograph, certainly the most vivid portion is the shine of light on Pelee’s haunches. However, applying the principle that the greatest contrast and detail will draw the eye, I heightened the contrast between Geneia’s hair and the cloudy sky behind and played down the deep color of the horse against the sunlit background. This technique of painting in black and white was often used by magazine illustrators, so it was easy to be thinking of a story to go along with the picture. Perhaps she is the lovely, blond Annabelle from The Ivy Tree, a superb horsewoman who rode the Yorkshire Dales.

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