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But I Too, Want To Be A Poet

But I, too, want to be a poet
and live a virtuous life
To erase from my days
confusion & poverty
fiction & a sharp tongue!

To sing again
with the tones of adolescence
demanding vengeance
against my enemies, with words
clear & austere

To end this tumultuous quest
for reasonable solutions
to situations mysterious & sore

To have the height to view
myself as I view others
with lenience and love

To be free of the need
to make a waste of money
when my passion,
first and last,
is for the ecstatic lash
of the poetic line
and no visible recompense.

— Fanny Howe

The conception for this painting is from a friend, fellow artist and aspirant to noble motives. I hope she likes this Fanny Howe poem (all except the lines about “vengeance against my enemies”).

But I Too, Want To Be A Poet, 9×12, oil on canvas, $350.00 USD

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The Angel of Music

Night time sharpens, heightens each sensation.
Darkness stirs and wakes imagination.
Silently the senses abandon their defenses….

I’ve had a blast painting this scene inspired by the Phantom of the Opera. Christine, the aspiring young opera singer, is taught by a spirit she sees in the mirror of her dressing room, whom she believes is the Angel of Music. Alright, she’s a bit naive, but it’s sooooo romantic, especially set to the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. (Yes, I listen to inspirational music while I paint. Sarah Brightman is singing as I write this.)

I had two wonderful models, Steve and Julia, who brought the emotions of the Phantom and Christine to life. My profound thanks to them! It was interesting painting candlelight. It’s warmer than the northern daylight of my studio. (See Girl Without a Pearl Earring and Girl Reading Gerard Manley Hopkins.) This painting will be on view at Bohlin Gallery in Mineral Point for Gallery Night, December 7.

I’m not blogging as often right now because I am working full time at Lands’End during their Peak Season. I’m looking forward to the new year though, when I plan to open Rosewind Studio and Gallery one day per week on a regular basis. See the Mineral Point Website in future for which weekday it will be.

Here’s a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay that references the season:

That chill is in the air
Which the wise know well, and even have learned to bear.
This joy, I know,
Will soon be under snow.

The sun sets in a cloud
And is not seen.
Beauty, that spoke aloud,
Addresses now only the remembering ear.
The heart begins here
To feed on what has been.

Night falls fast.
Today is in the past.

Blown from the dark hill hither to my door
Three Flakes, then four
Arrive, then many more.

The Phantom in the Mirror, Oil on Canvas, 24×36, $1500.00 USD

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