First Snow

First Snow, Oil on Canvas, 16x20.

First Snow, Oil on Canvas, 16×20.

This is the painting I did for the Fall Art Tour Brochure.  It’s a little different, for those who pick up a copy of the brochure.  I’ve changed the position of the legs in the figure on the left.   She was actually striding with her left leg forward and her right foot behind.  I thought it looked a bit posed — not because it actually was — but with her smile and glance sideways and her feet so close together from the viewer’s perspective, it just struck me as a bit false looking.  I decided to change it.

When I was painting this canvas, I was sicker than a dog.  I had a sore throat, a terrible cough.  I give myself credit for persevering — I had a deadline.  As usual, the painting is better than its photographic image, but what I particularly like is the fuzzy, hazy hills in the distance.  Ah!  Beautiful Spring Green!